Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Daily Note - A Missed Beat

Some say perfection never misses a beat, so now you know I am not perfect since I missed the beat on BIDU. LOL. I will remember this one for a long time since not even during the 1999-2000 frenzy have I seen such a rocket, if they could bottle that energy none of us would worry about solar or wind, let alone oil. Nearly 100 points from halt at 621 to 714 top after hours.

I've been know to scalp after announcement, but I stepped away from desk during the halt (644) and when I returned a few minutes later it was already in the stratosphere (699); short of closing eyes and pulling trigger, an entry was hard to find by then.

Now, being a BIDU follower you may think I am always on top of the watch, but after the pullback on Monday I decided to let it rest and was looking for an entry around 600, but the mistake did not lay there, where I committed an error is in review of the recent adjustments to price upgrades. Have I done so before earnings, I would have been ready for the possibility, since two brokers upgraded the stock with earnings outlook of $720-$735, mid April. So, no excuses that this dancer certainly missed the beat and did not dance this one well.

If it's hard to keep up with the music, there is a different tune always available and if one is practiced, it can be danced, .. well, to a semi-perfection. It's a slower paced and more subtle one, but I just have to contend myself with it. Dancing the FSLR rumba may be more sultry, don't you think?

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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