Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - From Wishing to Seeing ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****Have you noticed that change seems to take long time to achieve, but what if I told you that change depends not on the time but on action. It's no surprise I'm sure and you think I'm stating the obvious, but then why do you think things move so slowly. Or as the aphorism states : I used to be different but now I'm the same. Truth is change will  happen with action but prior to action there is preparation or perhaps better stated .. awareness, acceptance and then action. It's the awareness and acceptance which take a long time.

First we have to be aware that change needs to take place, then we have to accept what that change needs to be in our thinking or behavior and then we can decide on the action to make it effective or for it to take effect.

Now carry that a bit further and realize that we cannot expect for things to change without all of us going through the process whether small or large. In short, Government will not change unless we do. Hence another aphorism stating : If you want things to change, change yourself.

What a concept! Now try viewing the charts from that point of view. In other words, see what is, accept it and then you can act according to what it is. Changing your trading habits from wishing to seeing is a big step toward being successful in trading.

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The Weekly Outlook -  $DJIA  $SPX $NDX

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