Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Daily Note - A Good Day for Meditating ~ $DJIA, $SPX, $NDX

*****It seems that the markets were moving the past couple of days but when closer inspected it was moving in place. Washington is in deadlock,and anticipation for a solution is palpable, yet all the optimism and pessimism in the world will not convince good traders to jump in when waters are murky.

Meanwhile earnings are being reported, disappointment not forgiven. Some are dumped,  others are pumped  on matters of revenue, earnings and outlook. When looking at history or remembering from past results as such, "tomorrow" it may be all reversed, depending on the whim and thoughts of one analysis or another; in other words, business as usual.

Washington games are being played as usual as well, in the end not much will change unless we allow real leadership to emerge, or, I wrote last, unless we change. It is amazing why not more of us shout out about the dangers of raising debt limits after seeing how the debt tends to meet the limit rather than the limit capping the debt for so many years. Is that too cerebral? If it is than we will never understand what  another trillion $ debt means. It may help perhaps, to ask yourself:  when the last time you could raise your own debt limit without worry?

For one, you can't raise your own debt limit. You are only allowed to raise it if the lender allows you to have it and believe me they check your ability to repay before granting such. Second, why would you wish to be in such high debt?  A debt which you have is no chance of you repaying in your own lifetime is sheer slavery of your own making.

Last I remember, slavery was long ago outlawed.  So then why are we allowing the government to make slaves of us by raising our debt limit and spending it without worry?  Taxing us into the future equates such a fate, in my opinion, and even if you don't feel the taxation part, you feel the inflation part of the "bargain".

So the markets meandered today as if uncertain, as if not being ready for the next "surprise". Oh come on now, we know that no one makes a move unless certain of the outcome! Isn't that right Washington, isn't that right traders?  So then, why make moves when markets are uncertain?

Yes, it was a good day for meditating and you can see it in the results.

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