Monday, June 17, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX ~ Everything Is Possible

*****Sometimes I wonder where some of what I see on the charts comes from. Certainly I have the experience viewing the charts and have the memory of how it may have reacted before, but what about times where I just can't see what the rest of the reported opinions out there in "Twitterland" see. It would take a lot of study to allow for a documented and factual answer, but I think I prefer the version that keeps coming to me from within. Not my brain, but also not without my brain.  It's where all is combined and all knowledge is available to be received. Knowing, Seeing, Feeling. It is where total peace is felt with oneself as well as a knowing that all is OK including myself.

Once again I felt it today as I was doing my weekly outlook. How do I know that what I put forth from there is good and correct? I don't, so I trust that it will be. Proof being in the future from where we analyze the past. In other words I, like you, will have to trust first, be patient second, and be open to surprises, 'cause wishes do come true.

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.The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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