Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJI $SPX $NDX ~ A Matter of Trust (Part VI)

*****One of the most common themes that run thoughout my articles is: trust. Since my beginnings as an investor I've noticed how that seemingly simple word is really one of the most challenging. Do all the research that you must in the end when it comes to laying your money down on the line, it's a matter of trust. Spend hours on a trading plan for the day, week or month and in the end when it comes to your setups, it's a matter of trust.

How you overcome the fear of losing the bet you make on your well researched plans is key to living  life itself.  We all have to let go with each step we decide to take; it seems a simple analogy, but think how it takes trust to take a step. Each step puts us in a new position where we have not been before and we trust that it will get us to where we plan to arrive.  For trading we must equally trust that each step we take will take us to the goal we have set ourselves.

Sometimes the journey takes longer than we originally planned other times it's much quicker, and there are times when we fail and have to abort, but if we do not  allow trust in ourselves and others to help us get there, we may never even start.

I was prompted to write part VI of these series because of what I said in my Weekly Outlook  $DJIA hitting near my target low on Friday, which reminded and reinforced my observations about charts and outcomes.

Reading once again part V, it served as a reminder that it's a matter of trust that all things will happen as we envision them, if we take that first step; that first leap of faith .  (to be continued)

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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