Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Daily Note - $AAPL ~ A Matter of Trust, Part VII

*****In plain simple terms, trust requires vulnerability therefore it's not without cost. Whenever you place your trust in someone or something you become vulnerable to being betrayed.  We tend not to think of it in those terms but it is the most we can give and it's also the most open that we can be toward anything or anyone.

Regardless of the danger,  it's in the open trust that we learn and receive the most in life and where we feel the most alive. Truth is we want to trust and feel that utmost vulnerability that we felt as children.  Our free spirit comes out to play again, and we like to leave ourselves open because we like the feeling.

As traders we trust our platforms to deliver the information in timely and accurate manner. We trust our equipment not to fail and we trust the service providers to deliver what we ordered. We are vulnerable to one or all of those failing and if the fix is not prompt our trust is tested even more. Yet it's the least of our problems. We look to trust in what others are saying and we look to trust what they say is true.

Trust flourishes with feedback, once proven to be good, we rely more on the trust that gives us the positive, because it's what we received from our parents.  When I talk about what I see on the charts, I ask that you trust in what I see, in a way. If you can't see it you may ask questions, and in this way may become more aware and open to my opinion to the point of trusting what I talk about.  Along the way you may learn to read the charts as well or even better, and thus the trust is complete.

We also have to remember that trust in others does not mean giving up trusting in ourselves, it just means we cannot do everything and need to rely on others to help complete us. Which leaves us vulnerable but satisfied and at the same time open to new experience.

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