Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Daily Note - A Wish For Cooperation

*****I may have omitted some thoughts from my article on Monday, namely that in order for wishes to come true they need cooperation. Not only our own cooperation with the thoughts that created them  but also cooperation from others around us that could help them come to life.

Thinking on a wish is nice, make it come true takes not a wish but an action, but with that action there must be a reaction in the form of cooperation. If I wish to buy a share of any stock I need not only the wherewithal to make an offer, I also need the cooperation of a seller. Cooperation comes when I put out an offer and that offer is accepted with a sell order so I get my wish.  Even if I don't know the giver, cooperation was the catalyst which actually fulfilled two wishes. One of sale and one of buy.   Capisce?

It's also true with wishes for gifts, I not only have to make my wish known, subtly or directly, but also the giver has to cooperate in order for my wish to become reality. A willing partner in order for the result to become real is a must in most of our wishes. Once again fulfilling two wishes, one of giving and one of receiving both very satisfying.

I bring this, perhaps an obvious, knowledge to paper because it's the Season for giving and receiving. Some of us think often that we act alone and maybe we think that what we wish for can be made true only by another, not including us. Both those thoughts shut out the opportunity of another to fulfill our wish rather than include them, when in truth we must participate and cooperate in order for a wish to become reality. In other words, we need to remain open to the possibility for our wishes to become true because by doing so, we actually help fulfill not only our wish but that of a cooperating partner.

Likewise, in order for markets to hit new highs we have to have the cooperation of buyers willing to invest and corporations or brokers having shares to available for purchase. More people having that same wish in the markets, creates the volume for the possibility. The companies get their wish for investors in order to increase  production, innovation and sales, and the investor hopefully gets their wish in profits and dividends. A bit more tricky but, as far as markets are concerned,  it usually pays off in the long run. Showing that there's no guarantee that a wish will have an immediate result nor a cooperating partner.

Wishes are not always timely and sometimes we must wait for one to arrive. Until then, we can dream. Think about it next time you wish for something like World Peace or whirled peas even.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Jim Brickman on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Wishing

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