Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the Daily Note - That Reminds Me, Again...

Interesting that I wrote "Trade What You Know" just days ahead of the $LNKD IPO. I did not have it in mind when I wrote it, but time and again I'm reminded how relevant it is. This time just a week later, I refer to it once again in response to a comment I noticed on StockTwits.

Given enough experience traders one day realize that it matters not what others are saying, it is the movement of the stock that makes the market and determines its current value. There may be very valid arguments with opinions about one equity or another but what ultimately happens with that stock may be light years away different. Traders know that, investors may not.

We cannot know everything, but trusting in what others are saying or say they know, is a bit too much trust to give away to others. Yet, in order to participate in the markets and make gains, we all must put our trust into something; be it fundamental or technical analysis or be it our psychic sense, third eye or gut.

If you choose the former, and place trust into others, watch their actions because it's "Actions That Prove the Word". Be sure what they say and what they do has a record, not just analysis. Opinion is easy, risk is not. It is because I cannot be sure about other people's opinions, is why I like to read and form my own, based on what I may already know. In such a way was my first IPO: $EBAY

$EBAY was an unknown, except by those of us that used it. I was a user for nearly 2 years.
$NFLX was an unknown, except by those of us that used it. I was a user for nearly 2 years.
$OPEN was an unknown, except by those of us that used it. I was a user for nearly 2 years.

Each of the above had it's strong nay sayers, critics and short sellers. Each may be proven correct at times, often and eventually perhaps but The question always remains as to: "When?" Which brings us back to risk taking.

Risk is always helped by luck, timing and God's intervention but as I've mentioned before, watching what people do and not just what they say is your best gauge for success. So first do your own study and then if interested, watch what traders do.

I've know of LinkedIn's existence since 2004. I have a special antennae for these things? No, I was just doing a lot of news reporting, and well, you can guess. I know professionals who are listed and use it. So although I'm not a professional user, I know what it is from what I've seen it is a "Networking/Headhunting/Resume/Job Hunting/Self Publicity" site. People make real connections on it and to those of us that participated in the 1980's networking groups and gatherings know the value it can provide. It's just my opinion, but if you are a professional, recent college grad, any type of corporate phenomenon or wannabe, I suggest you sign on.

Will it be a trading/investing star like the others? I truly cannot predict. The future of $LNKD's success will lie in popularity to some extent and publicity in another. It is hard to sell corporate today as an important site for social media. $LNKD is more serious and not "sexy" or as fun loving as Twitter, or Facebook. Yet its unique quality is that it isn't either one of those. Whereas Twitter is a 140 letter sound bite and a quick message center, Facebook has fast become a political propagandists' activity moving paradise. You will learn much about people and the world on both and maybe both will get you somewhere, but will it land you a plum job? LinkedIn might.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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