Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Daily Note - Trade What You Know

I credit Peter Lynch in turning on my "lightbulb" about the markets. It was my "aha" moment. I poured over many a prospectus, investement sheet in the reference section of the library about investing prior to reading his book,"Beating the Street" which I read at my favorite cafe in Santa Cruz, California. That is going back to 1994. I returned from teaching in Europe and was literally looking for something else to learn, study, do for the summer while waiting for my next teaching "gig". Needless to say I got struck and stuck although I had choices. I chose a totally different road to travel at that cafe; it's the moment I will never forget because from that moment on all the mystery fell away from investing for me.

I realized just how simple investing is because it's really not about the "best" "hottest" or the "greatest" but it's literally what is in your own neighborhood, no matter how large or small. Investing is what your interests are because that is where your knowledge is. Work, play, dine, shop. Everything you touch, do or use can be an investment. Look around you and wonder who invented that item you use and like so much, who or what company produces, delivers or manufactures what you take for granted but enjoy having in your life.

Knowing and bringing things into perspective that basically revealed to me the truth behind the "American Dream". Its simplicity and its brilliance all at the same time. You don't have to be rich beyond your wildest dreams, you just have to be interested in what is happening around you and be willing to work your own magic into it.

So, no matter where you are starting from, and how much you have, remember that what you know will allow you to find places for your funds. It's really the best way to start, and rest assured that as your interests grow, so will your ability to invest in them.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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