Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Daily Note - Hard Rock' in Venezia

So what am I doing in the Hard Rock Cafe in Venezia. You would think I have much better things to view and do  than an American Bar. Yet here I am. I was actually looking for an  old "standby" or more accurately, an old favorite restaurant when I happened on the Hard Rock Cafe. As you know my belief about there being no accidents, I decided why not. This is the 3rd Hard Rock Cafe I remember being inside, Hollywood and San Francisco being the others. Well, it IS America's Cup week here after all, so why not be American, I thought. Having an Italian Spritz in the Cafe makes me feel like I'm in Venice so all's well.  It's after 2pm here and markets in USA are getting ready to open.  So what better place to do work? You get my jest?

Being real and looking at AAPL it's at a critical point and I suggest you check the weekly chart to see what I mean. 550 hold or lose to 525 area possible. I say that as I watch Billy Idol. now you know why I want to trade and travel at the same time. What a great way to watch the markets than to  listen to Rock 'n Roll.  My wish for you is to enjoy, as another article is born and I will go over the the Arsenal to watch the practice of the fleets this afternoon, have some music and apertif early in the evening and be back in time for the close.

That's how it goes for my afternoon, but stand by for more.... tomorrow perhaps?

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