Monday, February 8, 2010

A Matter of Trust (Part V)

Research and plotting and posting a trade is only part of the journey to success. Once done, I sometimes stare at the chart and think to myself "impossible, how can I trust that to unfold?" or "It can't happen, what was I thinking!". I am sure these thoughts are very common within all of us while we look over our creation for the trading day. While it is important to be self critical, it is also important to be self trusting. Both will help you avoid mistakes. Look at each to balance the other, so if you are critical of something, look to see what you can trust about it.

The Play List of trades for the day is sent and posted for those who may wish to partake in the trade. Here is when again the pivot point is placed by you, the trader, and where the destiny of the trade is decided.

In order to participate in the trade, you have to trust something; whatever that is, it's the actual key to how far you will ride it. Maybe it's a particular point area within the posted trade, or you agree with the entry but not the target. Thus, you place the trust in yourself and it becomes your trade to make successfully and to the extent you decide.

It really matters not how little or lot you partake in the trade, it matters only that you recognize that you are trusting yourself and your ability and not so much me as you take control of the helm.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Play List:

AAPL In consolidation with a slight upward bias, yet in a range where a few point can be harvested.

Posted 10:30 PM Pacific 2/7/10