Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Daily Note - I Need Music!

I sit here not knowing about what to write. I am spent on staring at charts and looking for a possible move. Let's face it. The market is in a stupor. Unknowing into the unknown which way it's going. The world is in a monetary turmoil. One cannot do without effecting the other, and unfortunately the USA is embroiled in it up to its Uncle Sam's nose hairs.

Meanwhile in the Congress, it's business as usual. Spread the blame, point the finger outside of itself and spend on "like it or not" programs which most Americans do not want let alone pay for. Is Congress listening? Does Congress care what debt it owes?

Do any of them really understand anything? It seems they are masters at accusing others and that is what the entire body has come down to being. I have gone totally tired of the "aren't you" "didn't you" "haven't you" questioning, lawyer speak they use ad nauseum. Not one of them has the guts or honesty to look themselves in the mirror and acknowledge their role in creating this breakdown.

I need music, uplifting, good beat rhythmic, melodic. Got one in mind? Send it to me. It's time to rock this market awake. It's time to rock Congress out of it's cushy chair.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing (I need the exercise!)

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