Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Daily Note - A Note for Playing

Each day approaching my trading desk, I wonder how it will go. What will this day bring, which opportunities will I be able to see and take advantage of. I always feel that approaching the day with open mind is extremely important yet not always achievable. My head could be buzzing with the latest news, views and opinions from all corners of the marketplace. Any preconception or prejudice will effect how I view the market and will inject a bias I may not see the evidence of until well into its grip. Therefore I plan a Play List.

The Play List I compile after hours, when my mind is quiet, the news is off and I can view the charts in calm. I get a certain centered feeling as I look at the charts with some music in the background allowing my otherwise busy mind to relax. In so picking my plays I have found that they have played out well once I learned to trust the notes.

For the record the results are posted under PlayList Picks on a rolling post, where you can see each day's updates and can make open comments.
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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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