Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Daily Note - Global Warning

Some things to consider for today's trading environment: Iran has announced success in enriching uranium just 2 days after announcement for a trial. Still not warhead level, but it's a significant step. Also, Greece is a model of what may come to many more countries as the budget crisis continues to unfold.

Looking at the two above mentioned events, it occurs to me that most people do not wish to tie things together because of seeming lack of relationship, yet it was economic crisis coupled with increasing political unrest and muscle flexing, which set up 2 world wars. The ingredients are mixed, buy the box and just add trigger.

I'd like to think we're not that close, yet there are underlying movements where certain beliefs are held which we should not ignore. One, that resurrection comes out of revolution and two, only wars save us from economic disasters. Both are incorrect, yet both are believed by many. I have spoken personally with people who hold those beliefs and think that many will need to pass before the perfection for their global vision will be reached. Somehow they have a disconnect between life and human life for cause and seemingly think that those who "must pass" will do so voluntarily or some other magical painless way, I cannot fathom, as I cannot comprehend their nonrecognition that they are supporting the death of millions.

Well, enough said, we cannot predict the future only pray for it's presence.

IMF & Greece:

Happy Trading, LIVING and Sanity

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Posted 07:11 AM Eastern