Friday, February 12, 2010

The Daily Note - Friday Thoughts of Insanity

It's the beginning of a long weekend. The President's Day. Wonder if people remember which Presidents we are celebrating anymore. Normally, Friday before would empty early, but I feel this weekend to be different. I wonder if anyone will show up due to the winter storms, long weekend and yessss the Winter Olympics, and and and..ta-daa Valentines Day! Jam packed weekend, I'd say.

It has been difficult for people during the past week with the cold, heavy snow and transportation nearly at a stop in many areas of our nation and from what I see some parts of Europe too. Stores have been emptied for fear of supply shortages, and it's not "panic" time yet. It makes me wonder why we don't think global cooling to be more threatening than warming. Maybe because we'd need oil for heating rather than wind farms for "cooling"? That last one, just kidding. But, can wind farms work in the freeze? Doubt it. Solar too would have a difficult time toward workability and profitability. Yet we are and would still able to burn oil and (get ready for the bad word) DRILL for it. Oh my, could I suggest that perhaps drilling is still a good idea for preparation for global emergencies? A simple yes. Imagine the world in economic chaos. If you are wondering can it happen? It's already happening in Europe. Now imagine a climate chaos on top of it. NO, I'm not really suggesting that this will continue, yet we do have a more recent evidence of a mini ice age. Just thoughts as I hear that Dallas had the snowiest day on record.

True, food can be imported from South America.. hmm food in California not grown anymore? The food basket of the world has been disabled over the years but most recently crippled further by water rationing. So ask yourself. Does the USA want to go about food as it has gone about oil? Insanity!!

Happy Trading, Living and Keeping Warm
Happy Valentines Day
and wishing luck to all the Olympic Participants

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GOLD GOLD GOLD In this economic mess, we still need some stability besides
who knows what to expect going into these 3 days?

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