Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Daily Note - Red, Red Wine

A couple of days ago I started writing about the 8 wines I tasted with our group last weekend. I must say it was a great evening of company, music and grand view from the city, but walking away from an evening of intense blind tasting of wines like California Pinot, I was reminded that the experience can be compared to my trading.

Think of the eight bottles as eight stocks you picked for the day for reasons such as reputation, review, region, vintage, price. Oops I mean such as reputation, analysis, sector, chart setup, earnings and the like. The wines, or trades in front of you sit in brown bags so you have no idea which wines is in which bag, just as the your stock picks in a way. You have no idea which will perform the way you want for the day. In other words although you picked your trades with knowledge of the stock, you are still blind to it's movements or whether one or the other will be better.

In a blind tasting, as with any tasting, we analyze the wines as to color, bouquet, flavors and structure, and make our judgement based on those qualities. The object being really to see and teach ourselves what our true palate will tell as to which wines we favor over others. There is no right or wrong in wine tasting, and seldom are there any losing wines, yet we rate them each and discuss and argue over each wine's merits and flaws that we may feel each one has.

In trading we seldom have time to analyze at length. We use our experience of the stock and it's general movements on it's chart history along with indicators that help us find the markers we seek for our rating and we discuss and argue over each stock's merits and flaws that we feel each one has, with our social trading group.

In the end despite it all we all leave the table with our own conviction about which wines we'll add to our collection learning from the experience of the discussion, but no necessarily being swayed by it. Just as in trading, although we may see other people's input as valid to our analysis, we still buy what we feel will give us the better profit for the day.

It is not a right or wrong game, it is as individual as wine or the foods we taste, or the music we enjoy; adding daily to our repertoire of experience, we grow with each toward becoming masters of the trade.

The Brown Bag Line Up:

2000 Dehlinger Old Vine Reserve, Russian River
2005 Kynsi Bien Nacido , Santa Maria
2006 Tantara La Colline, Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria
2006 Portalupi (Rochiolli), Russian River
2007 Robert Sinskey, Los Carneros
2007 Chasseur, Russian River
2007 Swan Cuvee de Trois, Russian River
2008 Ken Wright Cellars, McCrone Vineyard, Yamhill, OR (a non Calif. ringer)

I won't tell you my scores. Go taste them on your own, and if you give me yours, I'll give you mine.

Happy Trading, Living and Tasting

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