Monday, February 22, 2010

The Daily Note - A Positive Note

Trading can be addictive, be it positive or negative, it is a lure which keeps calling back with an irresistible song. The tempo of the ticker, the movement of the charts, the blinking of red and green is hypnotic to everyone. When coupled with money, it is easy to follow the day to the end with increasing anticipation. Repetitive motion hypnotizes us into a steady rhythm and puts us into a state of routine movement. It is partly why success breeds success; failure breeds failure.

There are several ways of breaking what I call "flat rhythm" which is experienced under this state. All are designed to limit the time we sit at the computer trading, in order to break the state. The limit can be hours, minutes, or targets.

Hours: With hours, decide at what time of day you are going to stop trading each day, regardless of what your monetary outcome. For many who are on a schedule this can work the best. The positive of this method is that one is forced to concentrate more on timing and reaching the day's goal within the parameters.

Minutes: Choosing minutes is when you can decide when to give yourself a break, like once an hour, where you get up and away from the computer to do another task. The positive of this is that you can actually work through chores for the day sans computer and take care of "to do" lists which take physical activity; or do ten minutes of exercise each hour which is physically and mentally healthy.

Target: At each finish of a trade, (or a target hit on a trade) or a group of trades, take a break. Walk around, go outside, breath fresh air, put on music and dance. Move! Walk, jump, dance, lift weights, play with your pets or kids; do a positive physical activity to express the feeling. Do whatever makes you feel like you are rewarding yourself for a trade well done, or to regroup positively from a bad one.
(I consider getting out of a bad trade, a positive)

The object here is to push away from the computer and leave it for a few minutes or hours. To give us mental and a physical break. A switch in concentration and activity oxygenates the blood and helps get energy back into our system and in turn keeps us healthier for a longer trading life.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

Swing Play

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