Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Daily Note - Horse to Water

What is it about us, human beings with such large brains, that makes us so stubborn? We often ask and pray for things to happen and wish to be guided in light to our redemption, but when we are, and opportunity stares us in the face, we look, pause, ponder, question, distrust, watch, study, research, wait; in other words do everything else but greet it with open arms and an eagerness we so often imagine. So, we don't jump in, we don't accept the drink.

We all know the saying: "We can lead a horse to water but we can't make it drink", and I bet many of us think at that point that the horse is dumb, but is it? I think not, it is at this juncture where the horse demonstrates its individuality and where we humans express our unique selves. It is at this precise point where we make the decision and take the true choice of what we wish to do, be or become. The horse may sense the water poisoned as we may sense it not to be correct for our path. Guides and the guiding may be nice and good, but it is up to us to make the decision which path we wish to forge.

It is why we leave our parents: to forge our own way and create our own reality. The horse may know that it will be beaten for not drinking, but what good is it for the "god" who beats it? The horse will choose life for as long as it can. We, the people with big brains will do the same. No matter how many guides, parents, gods we pray for, and invite to rule over our lives, ultimately we'll choose life for as long as we can and thus doing, create our own life, future and reality; each as individuals and each as people.

It may explain and help you in knowing that as traders you ultimately have the choice of taking a trade you ask for. There are many advice givers, me included, but it is your place of decision; it's your pivot point where you decided yeah or nay about jumping in.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing (In another reality I'm skiing)

The Play List:Today's article was inspired by yesterday's $BIDU play that was posted for the members. It's not often that one can partake in a 10-20 point play. I was definitely guided to post the play for a breakout. Here is the post sent to members: " I've been waiting for BIDU to make a move and today may be the day."

I don't know when it will happen again, but will you be ready?
MA It's earnings play and most likely volatile with possible good opportunities:

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