Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Daily Note - Something from Nothing

Blipping music last evening I notice a note with one of the tunes a DJ put out: "Creating Something from Nothing" the tune was good the DJ was familiar, and as I was listening I got struck by a lightning bolt.

Now if you do not know what blipping music means, be assured that blipping does not stand for a cover of an unmentionable word. At least not for me. No, it is referring to where I've been playing DJ for almost 3 years now. Even though I show up as an early pioneer, as I joined in 2006, it took 3 years for me to tap into the possible and once I caught on, met some online friends to play music tag with, it became a must place for my sanity. Part of being a trader is to be at my constant vigil on the goings on in the market, but if I do that, my mind would explode. You see, I need creative outlet; which brings us back to the topic of this article: "Creating Something out of Nothing" and the "lightning bolt".

Seems that we've been in a world of misdirection and the more we explore the Cosmos the more we realize how much we've been missing. You see there is no "nothing" there is only something or everything. Now I realize that on some intellectual level this has been already discussed and dissected but consider that it has yet to be accepted by most of us. Imagine that as SNL's Gilda Radner said it "There's always something". Imagine that the only time something was created out of nothing was way back billions of years ago by a big bang and since then although there seems to be a void or empty space, the contrary is true. Everything is everywhere because it was all created at once and all we are doing is tapping into that creation and bringing it to life.

To me this is what string theory is about, everything, in all dimensions, everywhere.

So if that is true, we are really creating something out of something, or perhaps better put, something out of everything. It's difficult to imagine just reaching out with our minds and becoming at one with creation, but perhaps it's easier to imagine being open to a new idea; to receive through thought.

Every one of us has had the experience of the moment where everything "is", all at once and we see it all at once. But those moments are rare because we shut it down fast as it overwhelms our senses. We argue that we have to live in our limited reality in order to get "things" done and we marvel at creativity of others who seem to transcend limitations to create something from nothing. When we realize how vast possibility really is, we are at the moment of "a posse ad esse" or "from possible to actual" and it becomes the moment we are actualizing the creation from billions of years ago.

So creation is not something out of nothing because everything is always around us, we just have to open our senses to being a vehicle for creation and become the instrument through which it comes alive.

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