Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Daily Note - A Historic AAPL Day*

I don't know if I'd want to be an AAPL today. All eyes are on it and it's first earnings report after Steve Jobs' passing. It is also the leader of the markets lately.

It must be tough on the company heads knowing there is billions riding on this. What will be the reaction from the public? How will the numbers reflect on the future of the company? It will be decided by millions of traders, investors regardless of fans.

Much will depend on the trust and faith in the new leadership and the delivery of the report. I am sure that Steve Jobs did the best he could passing on the baton, but the people will still be the deciding judges on Tim Cook's leadership. It is the way with all icons, once they are gone, the future of their leadership is too. New icons will rise but not necessarily in the same realm or in this case, company. We saw that in Microsoft also. New challenges arise and have to be faced with expected results of the old. Not an easy task.

I have admired the leadership the masterful marketing and creative output for many years, but I also know that Ford did not live forever and great leaders are few and good leaders can come and go. The public is fickle no matter how they espouse otherwise, just take a look at RIMM's Blackberry. One icon is to be taken down by another is a natural way of things.

But I will not judge, I will just stay in the moment it is with dignity that you shall be received and from me you'll only get best wishes.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
*Published prior to earnings report on 24Jan2012
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