Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Daily Note - Happy New Year Resolutions

Each New Years Eve millions of people resolve to do "it" better. "IT" being a problem one sees with oneself that one feels needs correction. By day five into the new year according to those who take polls on such things, most of it is forgotten. I quip sometimes that I may as well wait for day five before making mine and, of course, by then I forget I was going to do it. LOL, and so it goes.

I don't know what is magical about day one of the new year that would make us better if we start something there. I feel if we wanted to change anything about ourselves it would be good to start the moment we think it, and not wait until ...? But we are human and are run by clocks we made important. Midnight is closing and opening of a day. Markets open at 9:30 offering new possibilities and close at 4pm making us wait for a new day for the next ones. We keep hope alive by looking forward to the next possibility but what do we do while we're in the minute, hour, day, year? We forget what we were going to do. And so goes resolutions, forgotten until we wake up at the end of the year to the realization that we may have not changed one bit from last year.

So perhaps the problem is not "IT" but what is our focus. The question of where we are any given moment in time and what do we do with that moment. Perhaps the only resolution we need is to be conscious of every moment and in that way we live in the new all the time.

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