Monday, January 9, 2012

The Daily Note - Finding Self

I'm sure you know that realizing who we can become and what we can achieve seems easy as we listen to motivational speakers or read self-help books, but once left on our own we become confused and soon forget most of what we've read or heard. That is because when we're listening or reading intently we are focused, we are in the moment. It is in the moment that we see all possibilities but once we're no longer "there" we get confused.

The speaker and writer has the right words that lead us to the place where we can see the whole and do not get lost in the details. The details are where we tend to derail and make what seemed so simple, complicated. Even if we make notes, write journals or lists, we tend to forget what we learned from the source. The reason may be obvious to some, and forgotten by others. It is because we want to remember what others, have reasoned out to us so well. We give them credit for all they know and neglect to recall one of the most important steps they pass on; that which is within us.

In fact, like speakers say and books write, all the answers lie within us and not outside of us, yet that is the place we tend to avoid, wish not to explore or forget to recall. We use many different reasons for it which matters not, because excuses are only a way to prefer dependence or perhaps more accurately avoiding the truth about ourselves.

Yet the next step requires that we go within because it's there that we can live in the moment. We can't focus on the present while we keep looking outside for answers, but once we are with our self, comfortably in our body, we notice a calm not an intensity and it's from the calm that we can see the whole picture and the simple path.

There are many ways to reach this place of self, and not one single way is more right than another. What we all need to do is to find which is the one for our personal self; meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, will all take us to that personal space. Practicing being in the self every day, makes it easier. Along the way you'll find new horizons, questions and answers that may not have been previously easy. But perhaps the most marvelous is the adventure of discovering or rediscovering ourselves. So give it a try for a week, see where it will lead you on your next trade.

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Happy Trading and Living in the moment.
a posse ad esse

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ddfarag said...

Beautifully stated - You are a gifted writer.  Thank you, Debbie 

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Wonderful, as always, Anni.

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Thanks Jillian, good to hear from readers. :) 

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