Friday, January 20, 2012

The Daily Note - I Hope You Dance

There is nothing more fleeting than life. Don 't live it without taking chances. No matter how much you lose or how much heartache you suffer, in the end what you will remember is the adventure you took and the adventures you missed.

Opportunity is always around with a basket full of chances we can take. It is when we freeze and don't make a choice, when life passes us by. That moment that we hesitate is when the best choice slips through our fingers and like water gets quickly absorbed. Thank goodness there are, as I said, a basket full of chances still left, but if you don't take the chance, you'll never be given a chance to love, live, trade or dance or whatever else you could have done.

Every time you notice a trade even if it just catches the corner of your eye, take a better look. The notice is the first signal you'll receive when in the moment of life or trade. That notice that would not have happened if it was not an opportunity for you. Part of trusting is that life will bring you the best opportunities, the other part of trusting is that you're prepared to handle it no matter how difficult it seems, because life does not give you something you cannot do, no matter how difficult it seems.

I have a card I received many years ago that lists the Rules for Being Human which I keep on my desk now because what is the awesome truth about the list is that we never stop learning nor do we ever stop being given lessons to learn. Trusting self and opportunity is a lesson. So if your eye caught the title or the theme of this blog, article or music, consider it a chance given because it means you are ready. So, dance to the music of life and and keep on learning.. perfection is as perfect you'll be and it's all an illusion anyway.

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a posse ad esse
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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