Friday, January 13, 2012

The Daily Note - Seeing the Present Moment

You can never change something that's in the past. If you've done something you regret, all you can do is apologize; if you did something well, all you can do is rejoice. Matters not how you try to do it the same way once again, it will never be the same. Similar it can be, but never the same.

Like cells replacing one another, the new is never like the old, otherwise we'd stay physically young forever but alas, with each moments passing, we live in a different world. Therefore, we get and react ever so slightly different to the circumstance that comes next our way. It may seem the same to us but on examination, we have to admit that there are and were differences. The consequences however remain the same and so does the outcome; we either succeed or fail. So in trading we either profit or lose. Rejoicing or crying will not change it or recreate it.

However our attitude, our outlook and our belief can change everything. The way we approach each moment the way we live life and take each moment of opportunity is where we can change the outcome and our future. Each moment at once reveals a glimpse of the past to be acted on in the present to create our future. All at once, moment by moment we create and what we do with each single instant of opportunity is always up to us.

As you look at the chart of your choosing, be it your life or market, see in it the past, the current moment, and the outcome, or future. In the same glance, the same instant it reveals everything. If your chart is full of indicators, they will restrict your vision and your vision will be deterred by polluting thoughts of doubt. So clear your chart and clear your mind. a posse ad esse

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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