Monday, January 2, 2012

The Daily Note - From Being Able, To Being

a posse ad esse

What does it really take to become a successful trader? Enough capital to spare, ability to learn are there at the top. Next comes studying what and how others succeeded at trading for a living. But studying that is also where most traps are. Truth is that most traders make it look easy. Truth is also that those most responsible will warn you that it's not as easy as it looks. We all talk of how it takes time and patience to find your own niche, style and strategy and there are plenty of those who are willing to teach and share what they know. Yet still, the success rate is small when compared with the number of people who endeavor to make a living by trading.

I will not pretend to discover a new and magical way for anyone, but I submit that the answer is beyond learning the methods, technics, indicators. It's not even overcoming your psychological makeup although understanding of it is of great benefit. It does take a great deal of practice however and beyond that, what I submit, is that it takes believing in your own abilities and not in someone else's.

This small step of believing, is also the largest step we can take in life for it takes us from being able to being. Trust, as an issue, in our own abilities I have written about for 4 years now.. but the next step of that trust is the realization and it's time for this blog to take the next step as well.

a posse ad esse the Latin phrase that has been appearing on my site and my charts for a few months now is where realization takes us to the next level: that of being actual.

You can join me on the journey of that realization; of leaving struggle behind and using the moment to create. The journey from being possible to being actual. No magic, no crystal balls, no fairy dust, just you learning to trust in yourself.

I honestly do not know how long this journey will become for you. This journey has a vast possibility that can go way beyond trading and most likely will take you for the ride of your life.

So welcome to 2012 the year of transitioning from possibility to actuality and welcome to my trading world.

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Happy Trading and Living the possible

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