Monday, July 26, 2010

The Daily Note - Writing, Naturally!

I'm not used to dictating. When I write, I usually use my 10 fingers and click away on the keyboard. Today, I'm trying out this new program "Dragon", "Naturally Speaking" by Nuance, Inc. (NUAN) to write my words. Why you may ask? It is because I am trying to find a faster way to write my quickly flowing thoughts. It is much like trying to enter a trade quicker than it takes to type.

Quick actions when thoughts can command would be the ideal to do most of the things we traders try to attain. With today's electronics, we want to have the best tools to maximize our potential gains, and oft that means being able to click the entry at the same moment as the thought occurs. Similarly, I find that the thoughts running through my head about an idea, also quickly fade if I cannot get it on paper fast enough. Although this has not changed my ability to write good articles, it has frustrated me at times when my muse or channeling ability seem to go faster than my 10 fingers can carry.

But when trying the "Dragon",(my pet name for it,) I find that other frustrating events occur. For one, "Dragon", like all pets and programs, needs to be trained. It is expected and at the same time one needs to be accepting that training and learning a program will take some time. However, what else I have found is that "Dragon" seems to like to add words where none have been spoken. In other words, it attempts to finish my thoughts before I even have them. I'd like to think that its a way of channeling except that the subject matter is not very well followed, and leads the purpose of my articles astray. Leaving me with more corrections to make post my dictation, than the original story may have taken if I just went ahead and typed it.

Obviously "Dragon" and I still have some training work to do. It is a reminder, yet again, that "machines" are only as perfect as man's ability to teach and as a teacher I have often found frustrating not to be able to infuse my students with all the nuances of knowledge.

So, for now, until I can tame my "Dragon" to be more precise, it will remain a successful tool for my day trading room where I command it to let people know about upcoming trade entries, while my fingers are busy setting up and searching for more trades. In this, "Dragon" does very well, except for a few funny typos, which at times leave us more amused than amazed, naturally.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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