Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Daily Note - Waiting for Google

Some people wait for JPM other wait for AAPL then there is GOOG the oft previous breathless wait for earnings which everyone knew would beat but the question was by how much.

In the theatre of the absurd, we have "Waiting for Godot" a character who never arrives but around whose arrival or lack of,  two characters are contemplating to commit suicide. Although at one point I could have argued the case that there were traders like that with GOOG,  but I don't see it happening anymore.  It's almost as if GOOG has become secondary to other "important" earnings watches of the market now and only discussed in the light of possibilities when China comes into thought;  GOOG may actually stay in this position unless they pull a surprise that no one sees coming.

What that surprise could be, I do not know, but I know not to write off GOOG in importance quite yet. Their dominance may be argued about currently is not really the issue.  Maybe more important is that they have the ear of the current administration and what goes on underneath, we have yet to determine.

I wondered why the issue of  censorship came up recently when it was obviously evident that they capitulated about it years ago. Is the current purpose to get Americans more used to the idea? The internet bill is still one of the most threatening to free speech, in my opinion, and it has become one that current government officials are quietly addressing.  How come GOOG is not upset about censorship in America? It fought about it tooth and nail with the Bush administration over the issue of child pornography, yet there is not even a whisper about the Obama administration trying to curtail internet information for the masses by using the excuse that there is "too much information" available.

Arguing that people having a hard time determining the importance, reliability of all that information is creating confusion, therefore government is necessary sort it out for them is absurd. I'm thinking we do not need to wait for Godot to commit suicide if we continue to allow our attention to be diverted from the reality of what is to come.Waiting for GOOG to argue against censorship may indeed be like Waiting for Godot.*

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*"Waiting for Godot" a play by Samuel Becket 1948

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