Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Daily Note - What Was the Rally About?

If all the earnings are as good as expected, then what's the selling about? If the outlook is so good, and analysts are reiterating buys and accumulates, why do they lower the price targets substantially? What was the rally about?

News today: The Health Care Bill is about taxes. So is the Finance Bill. Oil disaster in Gulf is worse than Hurricane Katrina, and the worlds help is turned away. Feds declare war on States rights and people think everything's alright. They're looking toward elections to come; can all that's been lost really be re won? What was this rally about?

Market volume is low, summertime. Summer is hot, summertime. Did we get heatstroke, or is it just a lot of steam? What was the rally about?

Soros is getting louder everyday, he now wants to finance your free speech away. Are we that happy about freedoms lost? What is this rally really about?

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