Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Daily Note - As the Green Grass Grows

A while back I wrote about the color of trading where I pointed out that green is green. It seems however that there is an element to trading much like in fishing: the fish story; you know, the one that got away; or in trading the continual great trade.

New traders watching the many posts may think that the only trades that count are the ones that are big gainers or that they are easy to do. Most of us know however, that small gains are appreciated as well as large ones.  There are days when  multi point trades are not as abundant, so where you put your target for gains can make a difference between winning and losing. It's with the accumulation of gains where a trader succeeds not with the number of trophies.  Expecting only larger gains robs the trader, especially the beginning trader, of the confidence that is necessary to build better trades.  So, as you assess your day of trades, be grateful for the small ones as well, because slow as it may be,  even the green grass grows a little everyday.

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