Friday, July 2, 2010

The Daily Note - Born on the 4th of July

Now I come to the explanation for the "47" attached to my twitter name: 4th day, 7th month. 4th of July: my birthday. Each year has been like fireworks in my life; or at least it started off with a bang, although for many years I was not aware; but with a birthday like that, I figure they had allow me entrance into my adopted country: the U.S. of A. I think that also explains at least on the surface, why I'm such a patriot and perhaps why I am such an outspoken defender of freedom.

Since my arrival here, I have watched the country celebrate and appreciate it's freedoms less and less and willingly give self determination away more and more. Today, Fourth of July cannot be called Independence Day Celebration in many schools, flags are no longer proudly hailed at twilight's last gleaming. Our President and First Lady are ashamed of the country they are supposed to defend and represent, and have openly embraced and flaunted our enemies images while banning and shunning our allies. Unfortunately they reflect the sentiment of many Americans.

I see the government being increasingly disrespectful to the same people they are supposed to represent, ignoring and being arrogant toward the constituents wishes. I see a people becoming more disrespectful and rude toward each other, giving no consideration to points of view which would argue with theirs. I hear total smearing and media reporting without investigation.

I have this black thought in my head of us waking up one day to an announcement: that all people have to go to their local police stations and register where they live and how long they've lived there and if visiting, where are they from. Sounds like the census don't it? Upon registering, the people are advised that they have to return to the police station and get permission if they plan to leave the district for an extended time.

People, upon the next visit to their bank are advised of some new regulations, to find that they are no longer allowed to withdraw all their funds without an approval from the IRS or some other government agency. This, perhaps buried in that 2000 page financial package we are now having shoved on us.

Scary thoughts aren't they? If you think it's far fetched, think again.. it has happened to the Japanese and German Americans during the world wars and it can happen again, to us.

The more government help you want the more you'll get, beyond your wildest imagination. Ignorance comes out of ignoring what is happening and refusing to do research. Like in trading, if you refuse to do research, you'll be the controlled, not the controller of your trades.

This 4th of July remember to put God back into your trust and worship, not government.

Happy Birthday to me and America; I hope we both see another one to celebrate,

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