Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Daily Note - Chasing Rabbits

Hardly a day goes by without news about medicine.  Besides the highly controversial health care bill constantly being debated, there are numerous categories of cures up for discussion. It wasn't that long ago that hot debate raged about  embryonic stem cell research and now the new and almost constant buzz is about local legalization of medical marijuana.

There are traders who trade on the news about medical breakthroughs,  new wonder drugs awaiting approvals or test results.  There are traders who specialize in pharma and health and to them I tip my hat. I've tried trading them but after a few singes to my account, I decided it was no my cup. I just hate waking in the morning to find that my favorite promising drug company just folded due to a test that turned.   

Some drug discoveries barely make a ripple, while other's are heralded as the next aspirin.  I do not know how it is decided, as to which drug will be pushed and which not, but pushed they are via the news and advertising, and for a long time now I've been wondering  about where or if it will end.  There is no doubt that multi millions are spent on campings and more multi millions are made and I am not one to begrudge or change the flow of free trade and competition.  Yet I still wonder, to what end are we so much in love with the magic pills they offer through the boobtube.

Drugs have probably become one of the top advertised products now invading our homes. Most of them would be laughable if people truly listened to all the side effects, (after all who wants to pop a pill that says the side effect maybe what already ails you or that it may cause your death), but those smiling faces are so convincing that the drug most likely will cure anything we want as long as "we believe".

What concerns me most about those ads is not what the adults will succumb to, but what our children are learning: "All that ails you can be solved with a pill." ?  Children hear the jingle, see the smiling happy people, and equate the two, like it or not.  I bet most parents are so tuned out that they don't educate their children about ads in general, let alone an ad that will cure what ails which plays straight into the hand of those who like to control our lives.

 How clever to teach this to children by those with much to gain; and I don't mean just the drug companies. I mean the endless list of  people who know what our choices should be. Those who wish to have control over all aspects of our lives. Those sitting  in yet to be determined government regulatory offices over our health matters. As choices are reduced little by little, drugs available, legally or not,  more and more, if you have any concern for the future of your generation, I seriously suggest starting to teach your children about control and the lack of it. 

The ads will not go away, nor will they become less invasive. Discerning differences about what is good for you and what is not,  will forever be the choice you must preserve for yourself . Unless of course you prefer chasing rabbits.

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