Friday, January 29, 2010

The Daily Note - Can't Deny What Is

Are we ready for a real beak down? I wonder if any of us are. I tend to be positive in all I do. Yet what I am feeling and sensing is quite different. No matter how I wish to push it away, it's at the parameters of my mind and demanding more attention. Knowing that if I ignore the signals, I will regret it, I can no longer realistically do so.

Lately my moodiness showed that I tried to ignore what is getting more evident in my experience. The agenda that we are heading blindly toward is not a big leap anymore as some would like to think. All indicators are that the more daring leaders become the more power they feel they have. This government is not holding back much anymore. They are openly declaring what they are about to do and it will be with the blessing of the people unless the people learn real fast that the tactics used is has been tried with success. Listening to an interview this morning with Barney Frank just brings it even closer. Lying straight into camera is nothing new anymore. $820 billion dollars that they are expecting to collect from banks will be in some "lock box" with no intention of spending it (his words); and of course it is not a tax on us people, it is our due, because the banks took from "us". You can all but see the drool at the side of his mouth with the expectation of these new funds that will be collected; and he calls the banks greedy.

Their solutions give me no comfort; it gives me dread and that is what I've been trying to push away from my consciousness without success. It is like denying what is on the charts and we all know where that leads: LOSS

Happy Trading, Living and and and.. Surviving


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