Friday, January 15, 2010

The Daily Note - Running on Fumes

How long can we run on fumes? I've never pondered that question. Each day I count on my soul filling up with living. Is there a time when we start filling up less and less? Is the result what we call:"Depression"?

Do we keep drinking in the solution via alcohol? Feeling grand and happy as long as the alcohol keeps us high, all the while knowing that eventually it will take us to the same place: Depression.

Is our collective soul filling up less? The signs are that we are allowing the blame of our situation to fall on the very structure that kept us prosperous for decades. Eventually it will hit us that there's no one else to blame but ourselves.

Are we drinking the alcohol to keep our delusions that nothing has changed aloft?  Have we noticed the breaking down of America and does the act of buying stocks to keep the markets high keeping us high too?  The market seem to suggest giddiness. Is there a high before depression? You bet there is; it's usually just before we crash.

Hope your hangover won't be despair.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing


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Posted: 01:45 Pacific