Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Daily Note - Fresh Tracks

There are days when my mind just goes blank, not knowing what to expect, I stare at my screen of snow. I don't mean the TV kind, I mean the real beautiful scenery of snow: Pristine, ready for that first carve, fresh track kind of snow.

We should start each of our trading days that way. Cold air nipping at nose, cheeks red frost biting, quiet early hush laden morning. We can feel that first carve before actually doing it. We see it and feel the twitch of the muscle before we tip forward with anticipation. It is also how each trader should start their day. See it, feel it, taste it; then execute that perfect run in perfect rhythm on a perfect day. In this way, no day will become boring and no two runs quite the same.

Happy Trading, Living and Skiing

$AAPL Long above $214 to $216 breaking higher to 217.50 areas then $219-$220 up to $226. Short below $210 to 208 area then below to near $205. Breaking lower, $203, $200 - $198 possible.

$BIDU Long above $114.70 to near $419, breaking above $420 to near $423 then $425. Short below $410 to $408 area breaking lower to $404, $400 $398 areas.

$POT Long above $114.50 to about $117, higher to $118, 120 areas. Short below 1113.50 to $111-$110 areas breaking below to near $108.