Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Daily Note - Google This

Google earnings day ranks among the most watched, hoped and feared and again it does not disappoint..... unless you are on the wrong side of the trade. Stocks like RIMM, AMZN, AAPL and GOOG all have the effect of large moves on earnings announcement. They have taken many up and down the earnings ladder yet like the $dollar machines in Vegas, many can't resist pumping money into the gamble.

I don't like to be burned that much, personally. I limit my one-arm-bandit playing to $20.00 so that should give you a clue, but of course, the after announcement play can be quite different because at the opening minutes if watched carefully, it can be taken to ones advantage.

Liquidity is the key, momentum is the other, but most definitely the limiting ones hunger is the biggest factor to control. This is where momentum is extremely important, as is taking gains into the same direction. Condition yourself to be content with small gains and you can become a consistent winner. Still, no matter how dexterous you are, it can scalp you back as quickly as you have scalped it, so, as with that one-armed-bandit, size control is crucial.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

P.S. I posted this Note late today therefore all Play List plays were posted on StockTwits. MA, AMZN both played well from the previous post days. As did DTO although I did not post a comment on it; DTO's target was hit at $74. PCLN was the tightest and not very tradable for me. Other good trades were $BIDU. Hope you had a great day.

$GOOG for 1/22

Posted 18:54 eastern