Monday, January 11, 2010

The Daily Note - It Can't Happen to US?

I find it difficult to type while my kitty is circling my keyboard clamoring for my attention which I gladly give.. Trying to type as she curls herself under my hand and fingertips for one more scratch behind the ear. It is also difficult to write while thoughts whirl in my head they have to come to some sort of agreement before a coherent sentence can be produced.....Finally the cat lays content on my desk between my arms but my mind continues to do it's thing.. think. I can't come up with anything profound and I continue being troubled.

The thought that keeps whirling in my head is on news that I read, yet little have I heard or seen comments about: January 10, 2010 8:36 p.m. EST (CNN) -- In the wake of his decision to devalue Venezuela's currency, President Hugo Chavez on Sunday said he would put the military on the streets to ensure that business owners don't raise prices.

You may think it 's no big deal, it's a little nation, not worthy of worry here, they often use soldiers to keep their civilians at bay. OK don't pay attention it won't affect us, or perhaps you should,because he is the same Chavez who called the Obama administration as more socialist than his own. Chavez is taking the next step and that is to having all businesses nationalized.

This is a man who is increasingly more popular around the world and is forming alliances far reaching. He has been given standing ovations not only in his homeland but also the UN, Italy, and in Copenhagen not one month ago; and lest we forget he has called for a new world currency.

Ridiculous to fear such a "little" man you think? You do know that it was David who brought down Goliath, not the other way around and as far as I know, David had no inside help. Right? Can we say the same? Yet, on a more serious note, what worries me the most is that most Americans keep thinking that it can't happen here.

I'd watch that dollar and I still like the gold.

Happy Trading, Living and Laughing


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