Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Daily Note - I was ready to relax, then...

I turned on the TV Sunday, ready to relax a while watch some world cup skiing but there he was....

The TV was tuned to my last watched channel, PBS and it was showing "Live from Lincoln Center, Joshua Bell with Friends @ the Penthouse". As I was immediately immersed into the music, I also knew instinctively that the person sitting at the piano had to be Jeremy Denk. No one plays with equal passion to Joshua, a classical piece in my very humble opinion. A couple of minutes later, as the camera panned over to the piano, my guess was confirmed. You see, I tuned in late and I missed the introductions. Although a repeat from a couple of days ago, I was not aware of the program. Joshua's program with all his guest was an exquisite surprise and perfect for my otherwise low key Sunday afternoon.

I watched, heard and listened as the passion evoked by the music poured out of the players' soul via their instruments and into mine. The feeling evoked by such beautiful playing can only be described in heavenly tones. Such a passion is beautiful and brings tears at times for I will never know the total pleasure of playing so well and sharing so much.... and then....

A profound thought hit me. It occurred to me that I was wrong because, I am equally impassioned with what I do and even though I do not play in front of a live audience, I play my instrument daily to one equally alive.

My instrument is a keyboard of a different kind, it plays no notes, but it plays letters strung together into words, and I hope that one day they will bring forth feelings in my readers, that their music bring forth in their listeners. I can only hope that one day I will play my instrument as exquisitely; I know I play it with equal passion.

Trading, writing, music and thou, my audience.. thank you for "listening" to my words.

Happy Trading Living and Dancing

P.S. You will find Jeremy Denk's blogsite on my sidebar in my recommended reading because he is a fabulously witty and profoundly interpretive writer, besides being a great pianist.

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