Monday, January 18, 2010

The Daily Note - Had a Nice Weekend?

I certainly did! It's good to step away from the computer and look at the world as it really is. It is something I try to do daily, yet it is not always attainable to the degree where I know there is life outside the glare of the computer screens. Between chores and charts, rushing to and fro,  between live and surreal.

It is hard for me to imagine life without these screens anymore, yet I grew up without one. I danced amongst flowers for amusement, watched orchards bloom in the spring, and imagined life to songs. Needed no prompting from a screen for the screen inside my head and it is exactly where I returned this weekend.  

But, today, the cold and wet drove me inside, and the charts beckon once more.

Imagination.. it's funny .. there is another song

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Play List:

$DTO  continuing from last weeks play,

$AMZN for 1/19

Posted 02:08