Friday, July 24, 2009

Trading List Final Update for Week of 7/20/09

VNO opened and triggered short below $50 almost immediately, reaching fist target of $49 within the hour. Long trigger above $50.50 did not confirm for entry having the $50.60 immediate pullback after noon then withing the last hour numerous attempts to break through failed.
DTO short triggered more than once during day depending on your style, and stops set, it may have taken 2-3 tries for the low of $80.80, or nearly 2 points.
SCHN Long triggered in afternoon,for up to .70, not hitting target.
POT although triggering long, could not exceed the 96.50 resulting in a neutral trade.
PBR did not hold required 42.50 no position entered.
PTR called long at 119.30 had trouble with exceeding 119.60 area and resulted in a neutral trade.
UTX did not trigger short although near.
APA was another one that afforded only a limited gain finishing on the day high.
MICC dropped dramatically, but did not trigger short today.
ICE entry above $91 rewarded the most on today's list. return for this range trader.

Hi, You may have noticed my sporadic appearance, or absence in the past few days. I've been recuperating from some bug and have visited only a few times on Twitter, therefore my updates and postings have not been consistent.

What is gratifying and I'm happy to see, is that despite my absence, the ranges I've called and posted on the sidebar have been accurate enough to give you good returns if followed. As I've stated in my guidelines, I try to give ranges that one can follow and make target consistently and more than once in the course of time it is posted. Along with the earnings calls I made on the 21st, especially MICC, there were some good returns to be had. The results are posted below this note.

That said, I see a slight crack in this rally and suggest caution going forward. There will be short opportunities coming up if I'm right, and it's not time to jump the gun.

This may be the final update for the week, I'll try to keep up with the market today, but if you don't see me,

Happy Trading

PBR updated today with a new target which was successfully hit at 43.10.
ICE rebounded today and continued to give on long side between the 90-95 range. This range has been on the list and successfully traded since 7/14.
PTR another great day for this reaching the top target of my call of 7/22 at $120. See new update in sidebar.
VNO today reached the high of the target at $49 and exceeded by almost 2 points to 50.99. It continues to be a good trader in the range originally played. 40-52 with variations of long and short. See new update in sidebar.
POT another long trade as called on 7/19 above the 91.34, exceeding target it gave the astute 3 more points.
APA another range rider and good trader for 1 to 2points daily, today it broke out of range to 79+. See new update in sidebar.
SCHN Today was like scripted on 7/13 opening above the $50 and reaching target of $53
See new update in sidebar.
GENZ Yesterday it hit high on target but I removed it because was dated and I felt too long to wait for, so I thought. I have to laugh because today it broke the $53 and made target of $51 area, finally, but of course it was no longer on list.
DTO Since 7/14 losing the 100, this has bee the perfect short reaching $88 and giving more.
MICC from the initial call on the 21st to today, it has exceeded expectations, this, I updated of Twitter for followers when the $70 target was hit, calling for further upside to about $72.50 which was hit and exceeded today. I've added it to the sidebar for longer term. See update in sidebar.

ICE: was short below the 90 for the first time since being followed, as as mentioned on 7/15, it gave limited returns due to bullish outlook.

AKS possible long to $24; short to about $17 lower if bad report RESULT:Tuesday, short to 18.66 low
UTX challenge is $55.25 on the way to $57 RESULT:Tuesday, no position
FCX could fill the gap to $58 on good report; below $56 to $52 RESULT: opened above $58 and peaked at $59.32 before dropping, but short position did not trigger.
MICC could short to $58; on favor, long could finish with cup to $64 RESULT: see below
PNR on favor to $29; but looks like right shoulder so drop to about $25 RESULT the right shoulder fail on the h&s pattern resulted in drop to $26.20 low.
SGP break above $26.10 could favor upside to $29; reverse to $23.20 RESULT: triggered at $26.20 for slight gain closing day at $26.56
VNO posted on side

Tuesday Update preopen on MICC : at this point $66+ is important .. if it can hold or break it, upwards to about $70 is possible. Update post close: Once the $66+ was established MICC continued and closed at the day high of 68.10. Excellent.

7/21 Day & Swing trade watch: APA BIDU GENZ ICE HMSY PTR PBR POT SCHN VNO (new) SOHU