Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fire in the Belly

Mid July always brings the hottest fire. Perhaps it's because most of the activities taking place are celebrating sunshine. The fireworks on the 4th are just the beginning it builds to a crescendo of dance, music in the outdoors.

Children playing in yards, streets, parks with glee and continually having that energy which only the sun can bring. Water running, gurgling, crashing down the stream, in a fountain, waterfall or beach. Hearing the splash of strokes slicing through water, feeling the liquid slide past the body, cooling, velvety smooth, enfolding one in buoyancy as I swim toward another shore. Or feeling the sails catch the wind as the boat comes easily about and slices through another wave glinting in the sun. The gate that Golden one in the not too distant future ahead, waving to other sails passing by, watching colorful spinnakers unfurl and balloon into shape before the wind. Hearing the wind through the sails as they flutter and then catch the wind to that perfect quiet when one knows it's the perfect tack. Feeling breeze on the face all coupled with sunshine and fire in the belly to do it some more; and I can't stop. Music on, dancing, twirling, feeling the beat as the days ebb into the experience of great wine and food via the cookout whether at campground, park, out in nature or at home.

Cannot ask for more that this, cannot be more alive when the mid-July fires burn.

Happy, Dancing, Living and Trading