Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Tired of Palin Bashing

I'm tired of Palin bashing. What is the purpose behind it? Is it that she doesn't meet the image of an entertainment star with scripted self-promotion? No, then what? Sorry but, in my opinion, she has more wit, brains and talent than most entertainers who many think deserve eternal admiration, which includes her doppelganger. (Look it up)

I'm tired of Palin bashing especially from women. Rather than see her as competition, women can learn from her. Just like in other fields where women have paved the way. Were she dominant in one of those, book offers would come galore; so rather than bashing, perhaps it’s time for emulating.

“Why” you ask? First, it is because she has the courage of her conviction, something that all traders need to have in order to succeed in this business. Second, is because she sticks to her plan, which is another admirable quality for all traders. Thirdly, because like most women, she multi-tasks, and those qualities make for a great trader and fourthly perhaps despite of it all, she speaks her mind, she talks about what she knows she publishes her thoughts and reasons, and she won’t cower, but rather takes the chance to succeed. All of which are requirements of a leader and a trader. I am sure that, like many who have succeeded, she has failed often enough to discourage her, from which she had to recover in order achieve her goals. That is enough to deserve admiration from everyone; especially those who have done the same. Yet many say she’s not qualified.

Perseverance is another needed quality for succeeding in the field of trading. Most traders could not stand the scrutiny, relentless smears, jeers, criticisms, attacks and condemnations on their looks, lifestyle and intelligence, like Palin has endured. Men and women both tend to point out every flaw on her being and when they run out of those, they include her family, friends and even her pets. Yet, she continues with her conviction that she has something to contribute and that’s exactly what it takes to succeed in this business.

Each person who ever posted a comment on Twitter or Stocktwits did it for the contribution they felt they could make. Imagine if everyone got bashed for it; social media would dry up as contributors would be reduced to a very few who could stand the onslaught. Palin has survived the onslaught so I say she’s immensely qualified to do whatever she wants and I for one will be cheering her on because I have a lot more to learn from her success than her possible destruction.

Happy trading, living and dancing!