Friday, July 31, 2009

Trading List Final Result for Week of 7/27/09

Signs of a crack or just Friday jitters. Strong support and resistance showed in this tight range of a trading day. Only time can be the judge and announce the winner: will it be a breakout to new high or retest of 9000. Having no crystal ball, I prefer watching and playing it as it comes.

Friday Trading Results: It's been a tough but rewarding week.,

GDX In a super tight range Short below 38 to about 37 . Long above 38.60 to about 40 if it's going to fill the gap. Friday Triggered today for long and made the gain to target.

APA Opened triggering long and hit target and has held near the high all day. Long again above 81 to target 85, Short below 80 to about 79 breaking below, to 78 . Friday Nice entry above the 81 with 85 target hit . Very nice trade.

BIDU nice out of the shoot hitting target. Short below 350 as it looks like it's going to retest 344 and maybe back down to 340. Long above 353 to 355-357, breaking above to 358-9 areas. Friday 353-355 long and 350 to near 346 short.. nice trading

CSIQ Long above 16 to about 18 then 22 area targets. Short below 14.50 to about 12. Friday, no positions

DTO very nice yield today on the short, exceeding the 2 targets. Short below 87 and below 83.50 to about 80. Long above 88 to 89 and 90 areas. Friday: Short was the call below 87 that made this day very nice for those who rode it down to 78

GNK About even on a small loss/gain for the day. It is also in a tight range. Long above 25. to 25.70 breaking above to 26.30-70 area + . Short below 24.30 to about 22.80. Friday: triggered a short for a small gain .

ICE Very nice today triggered long at open and exceeded the long target filling the gap. Long above 95.30 to about 96, 97.50 then 100., Short below 92.80 to about 91.50 then to 90 area again. Friday: opened Hi so no long position or short position triggered.

IPI Is very tight so I will kee it the same. Long above 27 to about 28.20 breaking above 28.30, 29 is possible. Short below 26 to about 24. Friday, triggered below the 26 for a point short. No long position entered

MICC is very tight range today. It's still above 74 so we'll see if it can punch through the 75. We'll keep short below 73. Friday, Hit 75 shortly after open , then reversed still holding a tight range. Short not triggered.

PBR Long above 42.70 to near 44. Short below 41 to near 40. Friday, Has not come through as a great trader again.

POT We got 2 waves on this long and a small scalp short. Still in that same channel. 87-97. getting tight near the top and looking for a possible break. Keep long above 95 watch the 96 area for a signal of exhaustion, if breaks out above 97 we have a rally. Short below 94.80 to 94, 93.60 needs to break down for lower. Friday, A small gain for the long ; the short worked quite well below 94.80 for the rest of the day with a 2+ point gain.

PTR This call has been working all week. Don'tlet that 115 fool you it's strong for now. Long above 120 to 122 area, Short below 119 to about 117 then 115 areas with possibility of revisiting 113. Friday: Opening at just below the short call it quickly made it to first target of 117. Repeating the short opportunity again the last hour.

SCHN Channl play sideways difficult. This one is between 50-52. Needs to break below 50 for short looking for 48 then 45. Above 52.30 for long with higher volume. Friday, Broke out almost immediately at open giving a point gain then repeated after the pullback holding near its high rest of the day.

SOHU yielded nearly a point on long side. Needs to break above the 64 foar near 66. Short below the 62 to 60 breaking below to near 58. Friday: Gave us a short and nearly a point never breaking down the 61.

VNO Strong breakout with 1st target hit by midday. Continue long call if breakout above 51.50. Short below 50 to about 48.80 breaking lower to about 45. Friday: Short triggered below the 50 and gave a 1/2 point before reversing; it did not break through for a long position.

Happy Weekend, Living and Dancing

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