Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trading List for Week of 7/13/09

7/16 09:10PT APA long above $75 to $76-$78. Short below $73 for possible gap fill

7/15 02:25 BIDU revised: finishing near hod we are back on that pattern watch I posted a week back. Short below $290 to near $280 Long above $300 to 303, near $310. Look for the breakout above $310-$311 for pullback but with strength above will confirm continuation of pattern to $322-$325 areas. Results: Wednesday, opened right at trigger, pulled back slightly before continuing upward to near $310 target. Hitting $310 eventually, it retraced while we waited for the next wave. Actual entry for 2nd wave was $311.89 target set to $320, off it took precariously enough at first then it caught the momentum at $313.60, pulled back and even to my surprise, nearly hit the target. Thursday, long at $318 targets hit, max at $325.

NFLX 7/15 05:37 Long breaking above $44 upon confirmation, upward channel may pullback to $40 Triggered long we'll see forward. Thursday: Stopped at $43.49

POT 7/15 05:40 on reversal long at $88, target $90 - $93 Short below $84.50 target $83-$81 RESULTS: Wednesday triggered long for near .50 gain. I noticed this problem area mid day and now it looks it will need to pass the $88.50-75 area for further high. Thursday, opened above first target, no entry yet did not hold it over from yesterday which would've been nice

7/14 ICE Long above the $90 to near $95 breaking above $95 to about $98 . Short below $88 to near $82.50 breaking below to about $80 the 200dma to watch here.
RESULTS: Tuesday, triggered short soon after open; came near to target at $83.74 before reversing. Wednesday, triggered long at $90 and climbed to a day high of $93.61 before declining to near open price. Wednesday,

BIDU 7/12 Has a triple top just below the $287 so it's suspect going forward long, unless a strong break occurs above. Short could form a double bottom at the 266 just below the current 200 dma. Short below $280 atching the 277 -278 level for bounce again breaking 277 is the safer short to 274, 271 areas. Long above the 284 to 286 scalp for the daring. Safer above that triple top with strong confirmation. which could retrace the $289-$293 areas. RESULTS: Monday triggered long at $284, gave the scalp of $286 then moved higher breaking resistance at $287, $289 reaching target of $291 before pulling back.

GENZ 7/12 very tough nut to crack here for below the $53 to the $52 - $51 area. Favored GENZ is scheduled for earnings on 7/29 Traditionally a favorite long so keeping the 7/9 calls in place for this. RESULTS: Monday no trades triggered. Tuesday, no trades triggered. Wednesday, no trades triggered.

POT 7/12 Continuation of the retrace looks like back to $81 with possible bounce low $83 area. Breaking down $80 , look for bottom about $73.. Long above the $94.50-$95 area but that $200dma at 97.70 will be a challenge. RESULTS: Monday opening gave immediate opportunity for short and near target of $81 before the bounce. Tuesday, opportunity again here below the $84 but it did not revisit yesterday's low.Good for a point.

PTR 7/13 02:23 pt Breakdown of the $100 near the $94 is possible below that looking to break to the 200dma currently at $87.74. Long above $103 to $105 then $107 areas
RESULTS: Monday, Triggered short for 1 point+. Tuesday, triggered long and is holding above the 103, not at target. Wednesday, gapped up to the target of $107 today.

SCHN 7/13 2:20 pt New to list, have watched it for a while; Needs to open higher than close and take out the high of Friday. I like the possible upside above the $50 to $52-$54 areas . Short below $47 to $45 breaking $44 to $41 then near $38 possible for the week. RESULTS: Monday, no trades triggered. Tuesday, Trade triggered and dropped back from %51.10 high. Will see going forward. Gapped up to the target this morning, where it was sold.

VNO 7/13 02:09 pt Just who are we trading here? Why other traders of course, I've left this go when others climbed on, it became tight. So we'll test the waters again for short below $39.50 target $38, $36, $34 areas. As usual I don't expect more than a couple of points per day so beware of other traders. Long above $42 but very tight for 1 maybe as it needs to break up the wedge to take hold of $44; above $44, $46 area looks good provided 50dma stays in support. My bet is on the downside however.
RESULTS: Monday, triggered long late in the day for a scalp or o/n. Tuesday: it has a hard time passing and holding the $42.60, so I'm out. Wenesday, triggered long again above the $44 for a poin+ gain.

7/12 Earlier uploaded some trades. Now for the SPX and DOW some opinions: