Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Thoughts

Another year is about to turnover for both me and the country. I wonder if now the USA, like me, rather start subtracting than adding to it's years of glory. Just a fraction of my age of course, comparatively speaking, this country had really no resistance to it's continued growth and light into the world, except the people, who in their hurry to equalize are doing just that to the downside.

Equality is a judgement call. This nation's forefathers knew that and therefore worded the Constitution very carefully about it: All are CREATED equal. There is absolutely no implication there about the people doing the creation, nor is there any implication in the Constitution about it being anyone else's job to equalize, except the opportunity given the individual with birth. Even opportunity is a judgement call. Who,other than the individual, has the capacity to judge what is opportunity and what is not for them? You want proof? Go tell your child what a great opportunity something is and see if they automatically jump at the chance on your say so.

This is not a birthday of celebration like the ones in the past because we have let go of a precious gift: the gift of freedom to choose for ourselves, each one of us individually for our own destiny.

The people, having elected the current government, are asking them to do that which should have been left to the individual. They have relinquished the freedom and gave mandate to the government to chose for them, to judge what is and what is not, equal and what is and what is not, opportunity, for all of us. So the people put their own destiny into the hands of the government ignoring the warnings of forefathers against such power. Of course the government, which we allowed to grow into this monster, has become a bigger beast to feed, and is willing to take on the task with relish. They've eagerly taken control and taken power which the people did not wish to keep for themselves.

It's not your CEO's, big corporations or Wall Street that you need to fear, for they are being tamed as we witness daily. They will be enfolded into the big government structure one by one. What you need to fear is the systematic erosion, slow infringement of rights on all things middle class; that's where and that's who embraces true choice the most, and is the greatest threat to the agenda. It's this type of government that will always be the greatest enemy to the middle class, your wealth and your freedom.

We as traders, too, will be on the chopping block soon enough with the suppression of all things that enable us to be entrepreneurs in the true sense: contributors to freedom. We will be taxed and regulated to the point that only those that can totally bend over will survive. Wall Street is dying, it's being strangled slowly by an increasingly centralized government as it's enfolding the big corporations, and soon enough the smaller ones. Government will be the chooser of who amongst us will be able to continue with this work.

You still have time, very little precious time, but still time. Time to celebrate your freedom and fight for more of it instead of settling for less. Listen to the music. Read the Constitution and oust everyone, yes, impeach everyone, that does not hold it up to it's true meaning because without the America we have known there really is no hope, but there will be lots of change, I'll guarantee that.

Happy Celebration of Birth of the USA. Celebrate and remember the people who built her from near and far and who truly wish to preserve her in her glory, for the better of us all.