Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trading List for Week of 6/1/09 - 6/5/09

We had a nice week.
  • 6/4 ICE hit $120 the last minute before the closing bell.
  • ICE broke through $119 2times on the 15min careful of a dbl top .. target still $120 area..tighten stops
  • 6/4 ICE Looking at charts.. next target is about $120
  • 6/4 ICE did not melt for long.. I used to make a jingle about it.. ICE is nice prepared with rice and lice carried on little feet by mice and served real nice for your surprise!
  • 6/4 VNO nicely in the money on breakout of $48 today $50.50 was an important is the 50.98 going forward. Good luck.. keep those stops in mind
  • 6/3 VNO is within the $42-$48 range again. Suggest playing it within until it breaks upside or down. $54 currently seems far away. Patience here is the key, but not buy and hold with prayer.
  • 6/3 GDX as suspected is pulling back. The caution flag proved fruitful. 1st entry below $43 today and second $ below $42 yielded nice gains. Keep same guidance as on chart with downside target of $40 and caution around the $39
  • 6/3 ICE yesterday it hit target. Today it needed a rest
  • 6/3 POT has had huge gains since March so on the daily this pullback looks like consolidation. $107.25 low from last week needs to be a concern. Today it filled the gap from 5/21 before reversing. Proceed with caution let the market tell you it's direction.. Watch $107.25 and the 200/50 dma
  • 6/3 MCD ended today on hod. Two days each near point gain. Look for the morning 60 min to give you a clue for entry.
  • 6/3 IBM $109 proved a big challange and it pulled back on barely a brush from$108.80 furthering decline today. A nice recovery in the final hour today touching a new resistance level developed at $106.50. Watch the 200dma for support on the downside. Upside needs a gap fill to $107.30 area
  • 6/3 BIIB chart posted and entered long today 1st target hit and on pullback to entry 6/4 may prove another opportunity
  • 6/1 MCD put up new chart post market keeping eye on for tomorrow
  • 6/1 POT finally broke through that $117 for some nice gains to $121 before getting cold feet again.
  • 6/1 BDN met the 200mda before pullback.. hope some profit takers there.
  • 6/1 MT gap up this morning put's it on the yellow flag list. Careful of the gap fill.. take profits and keep small for forward gains
  • 6/1 GDX caution flag was out all day on this and going forward pullback is in
  • 6/1 IBM on nice track finally catching up.. will watch for the target.. remember what I said about the $109
  • 6/1 VNO triggered for some who took update entry @ $48 and 2nd trigger at $50 from the 5/27 entry. Close above $49 encouraging.
  • 6/1 update: FTO actually popped for FTO that is ..more interest coming into play here, volume picking up