Saturday, May 30, 2009

Results for Trading List for Week of 5/26/09-5/29/09

5/30 VNO new to list, did not trigger this week
5/30 POT has a hart time with $117 couple of nice scalp trades on the intraday call, long and short
5/30 IBM finally showing some moves still like the $110-111 target.
5/30 BDN nice bounce off the $6 in channel finished well on Friday close at high side
5/30 GDX target of $44 hit on 5/29
5/30 FTO in the money move stop up to protect gains
5/29 4pm Preferring the pen to my charts, I made no trades today
5/28 2:24pm: MT hit target per chart @ $33.40 breaking above 33.55 may continue to gain $35.30 area. Take profits keep small for further upside, protect gains.
5/28 1:40 pm: POT long above 115.15 stop 114.10 flip for short (short below 114.10 stop 115.10)
5/27 3pm MT update: MT met resistance with the 200ma and now on a pullback.
5/27 new post: VNO thoughts: Supported by the 50day above the 42.50 mark looks to me that losing 42.50 will trigger drop about $40; on the long side above the $50 should trigger a move up toward the $55. On the high side see the trend line and top with the 200dma moving down to meet it..will be watching that point for strength and resistance.
5/27 1pm: POT losing $115 look for near $113 200dma on 15min
5/27 10:30am: POT trying to break thru 118 today lower volume today don't know if it can hold momentum; looks in consolidation on daily so watch for this to possibly fill gap on daily to 123 area