Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trading List for Week of 5/18/09 - 5/22/09

Friday Post Market Update Results:
POT: 5/18 #1 target hit: $111. 5/20 #2 target hit $116. Wed call was stopped @$116.
FSLR:5/18 entered short 176.97 stopped. 5/19 entry $185.18 hit target $190. Did not hit short signal for the week
APA: Was good long $80-83 did not hit our short signal for the week.
DVN: Was good 5/21 for long $62-65. Did not hit short signal.
PBR: Did not hit short signal. Was nice long if you flipped it.
FTO: Long entry @$16.50 took 50% @ $17.41 on the fast spike Wednesday. rest w/stop kept @$15.50 ...I am just not convinced yet. Chart uploaded
WYNN: Long entry @$38.50 with target hitting $42 took 50% Tuesday . Break above $42 did not deliver. Did not add. Rest out on Wednesday @stop of $41.50.
Calls with Wednesday Updates:
* POT plot to $123 target as of 11am 20May09 : 117.59 pivot R1 119.88 R2 125.29 stop set at $116 today
* POT hit target #3 $116 ++ today May20th

Calls with Monday & Tuesday Evening Updates:
* FTO from last weeks call perked up Tuesday. Looking for oil to continue trend upwards: MUR potential to $58. Also from previous call lists, COST and BIIB long are performing.
* OK OK I called shorts Sunday night on: $FSLR $DVN $PBR $APA. only $FSLR triggered. But if you read "The Flip Side" you would have known what to do. Be always ready for a change in the market trend. What is interesting is that Monday's rally was on lower than usual volume. So heads up.
* APA: Short below $75.90 to $73 then to $71 AP A: Chance for long above $80 to about $81 higher on momentum but volume on this is drying up
* DVN: Nice on long if you flipped on entry above $60 on Monday. Further long above $62 look for near $65 again. DVN: Short below $58 to about $54.
*FSLR Long above $185 to about $189-$190. Short below $177 target $175 breaking 173.90 to fill gap to $165 area.
* POT: Long above $108 to $111, $116. Hit 1st target Monday look for further upside to target #2 POT: Short side look below $107 to $105 then $103;
* PBR: Short below 36.70 to $35, $34 area
* SKF: Intraday call short below $43 hit target ($41.50) Look lower below $41 to retrace to $40 & to test lows if financials remain strong. Still keeping in mind that it can break into new lows.
* WYNN: Looking for a reversal Long $38.50 - $42 We had a nice entry on this ending day @$41.40 Watch for $42 break above for new target to $44