Friday, May 1, 2009

MayDay Observations

The past week I'm having a feeling of a rhythm reentering this market. It could be because it's earnings season and it could be because it's spring and people get naturally optimistic. At a meeting the other night several made optimistic observations including the fact that real estate around the Bay Area is being viewed as more opportunity now with many bidding wars happening again with foreclosed homes in desirable areas, as well as how the restaurants seem to be full of patrons even on weeknights.

I'm not of the belief that we are out of the woods and certainly not in the camp with how this recession is being handled by our leaders, politicians, manipulators and the media. So I'm alert for a pullback and not ruling out the possibility of another steep drop (the other shoe), but I'm also keeping in mind how the other "shoe" was awaited after the last pullback (2003) and it did not drop until years later (housing).

I have said and observed it to be true that somehow politicians and the media along with financial analysts and advisers with all their financial engineers never seem to gauge the economic conditions correctly but the people do. It's why I'm so against believing all the "gurus" with all their opinions (since I don't think of myself as a guru, that statement does not include me, of course). LOL. Definitely watch what the people do and believe your eyes and the feelings rather than what is being told to you on any media.

Your agenda is and should be to live and enjoy life; theirs is to make you feel miserable so you can be more dependent on them.

When we're uncertain, in fear and in panic, we tend to look outside for answers and safety forgetting that we know best, what is best for ourselves. What I think is happening is exactly that we, the people are beginning to count on ourselves and what we can do again, especially when seeing that our many pigskin awarded, highly educated elected officials seem to think we need to run around the world for it.

Scatter and you'll be conquered; gather and you'll vanquish.

Happy May Day (not the red kind)
Now go dance around a maypole somewhere and enjoy!