Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trading List Jun 08 - Jun 12

Hello Traders,

Please see the linked chart list on the left side bar for all calls. Hope this will make it easier for you to access the visuals.

The week that was a sideways move still yielded some good trades some with patience others with agility. UNG continues to be a "mistery" and will remain on the list with the caution I posted on the charts. DGX opened below the $40 on friday for a short but had strong support around $39.50 so decided not to hold over for Monday. EQR, gapped down at open and was not entered, but continues to be on watch for next week. VNO was reversal play after opening with a gap low to test the day before proceeding to move back to $48 where it was supported for the rest of the day. I made no other plays from the list on Friday.

  • 6/11 UNG, DGX, EQR charts added to list late evening for Friday
  • 6/11 SOHU if you watched China o/n it was time for profits. Will check for re-entry
  • 6/11 VNO short trigger again below $48, lower low today.
  • 6/11 PNC short in morning then turned positive
  • 6/11 WMT finally broke down entry was at $49.69 now lod
  • 6/11 IBM back on watchlist break higher to elusive $111-$112?
  • 6/10 MCD stopped @ b/e. Going to watch it another day
  • 6/10 PNC If you weren't quick at the open, you missed the gains. I was stopped w/small gain. Looking at the 15min it seems obvious but on the day it's barely a blip. Consider using the 15 to watch for a breakdown and resistance in at the 42.50/42.75 area
  • 6/10 SOHU in money, watch where market takes China o/n. This is a Cup pattern trying to fill see pattern from Sept on chart.
  • 6/10 UTX afforded a couple of good plays today short and long
  • 6/10 VNO exited @ $50 since it stalled and hit $51; short triggered below $48. Since it broke down the $48 caution going long ahead watch $48.75 area. New chart uploaded
  • 6/10 WMT long hold from yesterday stopped for loss; short triggered $50.30 did not break the $49.70 covered @$50. May break down watch the 49.70 break and the 200 dma for resistance for long entry.
  • 6/9 Long triggers SOHU VNO WMT PNC MCD
  • 6/8 China Play SOHU long above 68.50 to $71. Short below $66 to $64 /$63 then $60
  • 6/8 MCD so far the 200dma is support . Gap up is pssible to $61 . Breaking down the 200 dma look for about $56
  • 6/8 WMT failed h&s breakdown. Look long above $51 to resistance, then near $53 breaking above the 200 look to $55. Short below 50dma to test treandline near 48.50.
  • 6/8 UTX Play between $54-$58 breakout to $61 breakdown from $54 to $52 & $50.
  • 6/8 VNO tight and ready for a move. Above $49 looking to $51 and again $52, $54. Short breakdown below trendline to test the 50dma around $45, $42, $40.
  • 6/8 PNC short below 41.44 to aboub $40 below look to $37. Long above $44
  • 6/8 SKF hit a 52 week low Friday I think this has further downside (to about $34 area) although there are many collectors. Serious upside I don't see until it breaks $46.
Have a great weekend!