Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trading List Final Update Week of 6/15/2009

Final Thoughts/Results for the Week:

POT High $114.52 to Low of $91.86 Last $92.72.
Performed best this week with stellar returns, almost hitting the predicted low of $91. Do I think it's over? I will analyze for next weeks picks
GDX From a High of 39.38 to Low of $37.50
Last $38.39. GDX afforded several points and came close to breaking the $37.
VNO High $48 Low $43.21, Last $45.10.
Still within range, again played well early in week for a short before turning its head upward. Don't think we will let go of VNO just yet as a trading vehicle.
PNC High $41.95 Low $37.30 Last $40.18.
Hit the #1 target and proceeded lower before bouncing. Will analyze this nice mover going forward again.
MUR High $59.24 Low $54.65 Last $54.95.
Added midweek, this too yielded a target's worth of returns.
UNG High $16.26 Low $14.71 Last $15.16.
Also added midweek, this is watched and talked about by so many traders that I thought I'd add into the mix. As stated before the holding that $16 is crucial. Trading against the grain by going long without that $16 support is risking being stopped. Although coming close, UNG never finished the day above $16 for the week.
SOHU High $66.75 Low $62.50 Last $64.55.
Hitting target of $64 SOHU settled lower and looked almost to head all the way to the next target of $61 before the China market reversed. Another one to keep on books for next week.
UTX High $55.40 Low 53.97 Last $54.20.
The beauty of UTX is that it will deliver but not in a stellar fashion. Opening the week below our entry point, it delivered the target on Monday and it never afforded another favorable entry point for the week trading withing the range.
SKF High $45.67 Low $$40.17 Last $41.83.
SKF never triggered the short position called. Perhaps I'm an optimist (tic, says she) and you have to be to go short on SKF. I continue to reassess and eventully it'll teach me or I'll teach it not to mess with me. Seriously I've maintained that SKF is not for playing with and I try to pick it on safe side. Glad I did this week as it continues to whip along.
DISH High $15.53 Low $14.50 Last $15.18
It is one of those requiring patience for returns. Took 3 days to get to the low of the week wiggling between the high and the low and now looks to have bottomed on the daily. Since there are better traders out there, I will not continue to follow this on the dailies.
NFLX High $42.81 Low 41.42 Last $41.59 This the Daily range for Friday only
Added for Friday, NFLX did give a small return before pulling back. I will continue to monitor this one for next week.

Wishing you all a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the great Daddies out there.

As always,

Week History Below
6/19/2009 POT hit below $92 to low of $91.86.
6/19 01:00 Watch for chopp, mush and whip throughout the day mostly, expect slowdown in afternoon trading as tripple witching day comes to end. Suggest no trades unless a real clear opportunity presents itself. When in doubt, don't trade.
6/19/2009 00:05 GDX ,MUR, POT, SOHU, UTX, VNO, guidelines as yesterday
6/19/2009 00:05 NFLX Long abvoe $42.30 target $43.30, $43.85, $46 areas (50dma could keep lid on this) Short below $40 target $38.50 breaking lower to $37.50 area
6/19/2009 00:05 TIE in answer to a question on Stocktwits
6/17 23:35 Update for this Stellar Day + what to expect for Thursday.
6/17 23:35 GDX target hit near $37 @ $37.135 day low. It also afforded opportunity for long play back up to opening price. Thursday 6/18 call long above $38.20 watch 38.60 area target near of at $39.20 stop 37.90. Short below $37.70 target $36.60 stop $38.11 Again morning should give direction on this.
6/17 23:35 MUR Short on open, it yielded to a little below $55 giving a 1+ point gain. Will be watching for direction on this for Thursday. as it has broken down the channel, If it breaks $54 near $53 is possible then $52 below the 50dma. Upside look for above $56.60 to about $58.
6/17 23:35 PNC hit 1st target of $38 in first 20min of trading then after a brief bounce proceeded to day low at $37.30 before retracing its loss to near hod, it again reversed. For 6/18 expect a bounce in the morning,. upon reversal if a sell off follow previous direction targets $37 then $35 respectively.
6/17 23:35 POT yielded us $10+ points from yesterday hitting targets premarket of $105, 100 and then after market open, $97. POT has possibility to $91 but it will be a rough ride..lots of obstacles on the way. I expect a bounce here somewhere soon. It could come from $91+ area or 96 & higher watch morning action/gaps before open.
6/17 23:35 SOHU another winner hitting 2nd target from yesterday at $63.20. Further down possible to $62 area however Chinese stocks started a move up so stop on shorts $64.52 short below 63.80 to retest low and possible move to $62 then $60 area.
6/17 23:35 UNG broke $16 early but receded. Long it has a chance to retrace $17+ high from May 2009. Stop $15
6/17 23:35UTX No trades triggered today.
6/17 23:35 VNO beginning to feel like a wino enjoying VNO so much. :) landed in lap at target $43.50 if down day on Thursday it could kiss the target of near $42.
Thats it folks. I expect a very choppy day due to options expiration of Friday. Also all eyes will be riveted to RIMM including mine so Happy Trading..and protect your gains!
6/17 03:16 GDX $38 target broken 2nd day in row but not as low as the day before; also it closed higher, indicating a possible bounce. Still a bearish skance so I'll continue the call stated on Monday. Wait for morning action before deciding direction.
6/17 03:16 MUR New to list, chart updated entry short $57.50 or below target $56 to $54 stop $58. Long $58 target $60, stop $57.50
6/17 03:16 PNC Closed 1st time below the $40 @ $39.39 now viewing 1st target of $38 then possible to as low as $35 if breaks below $39 stop $40.70. Also keep Monday's guidelines in mind if market pops in the morning.
6/17 03:30 POT gave us $110 and then some. Once losing $110 it dropped only to be tested slightly at $107.25 but market momentum canceled it. Watch morning action for a bounce then a possible futher downside to $105. Because of the season and earnings forward, the $97 possibility is not as likely as a bounce upward, but it could test the $100 before it heads back north. Caution as it gets more volatile is advised. Long above $111.
6/17 03:55 SOHU $64 target hit yesterday and market closed at target. Next is looking for that gap to fill target at about $63.20. Depending on China and market action, SOHU could go to $61, $60 and $58 respectively if it breaks below the gap. Looking at this as short term now, with stop @ $ 66.50 & re - entry based on market action, on downtrend below $66. Long now above the $67 to $69 area.
6/17 04:00 UNG filled the gap and then receded to almost retest the trendline. As said before, see 6/11 chart, UNG needs to maintain above $16 to continue it's uptrend.
6/17 04:00 UTX Breaking $54 will be the key for lower to $53 where it has strong support at the gap. Stop now @ $55.50 . Above is long as stated on Weekly call.
6/17 04:00 VNO What a nice trader this turned out to be for the past several weeks I've been following it. Still in a channel we are now looking at $44 -$43.50 then near $42 target. Long is still as stated on Monday.
6/16 17:20 PNC keeps popping and affording a short entry at $40.70 today for first time it closed below the $40 @ $39.39
6/16 17:20 GDX hit $38 target again today, giving 2 1+ point gains per day. Although breaking $38 it did not make a lower low.
6/16 following triggered from the Trading List: PNC short $40.70 now @ $39.70; POT Short 112.50 near hit $110 target now below $109; VNO Short $47 b2nd target of $45 hit, now below; SOHU Short $66 target $64 hit. GDX Short $39.20 stop @ $39.55
6/15 GDX $38 target. having a real tough time here breaking below .
6/15 PNC long stopped at breakeven. Now Short at 40.70
6/15 GDX at target area it follows the market as mentioned below.
6/15 POT hit target $112.50 from open entry
6/15 UTX hit target of $54
6/15 VNO target hit $46.50
Weekend for 6/15/2009
6/13 DISH Short below 14.99 target 14.35 then 13.25 areas.
6/13 DISH Long above 15.50 target 16.25 then 18 area
6/14 GDX Generally it follows the market not the dollar.. so I suspect it will continue to do so this week. Looks to reverse her for a long above 40.30 area to about 41. look for momentum for 42 area. Short below $39.25 to about $38 if market breaks, look for lower to $37 level.
6/13 PNC slightly bearish looking to short below the 40.70 to 38 area stop above close friday.
6/13 PNC Long above 41.50 target 42.50 up to 45 area
6/13 POT short below 116 targets 114.50 112.50 110 stop 119.50
6/14 SKF short $39.90 stop $42.26 target $38 This is strictly a daytrade, therefore I analyse it everyday for entry & exits accordingly.
6/13 UTX short 55.75 target 54 stop 57
6/13 UTX long 56.60 to 57.60 stop 55.75
6/13 SOHU SHORT BELOW 66 target 64 63.20 below that 60.80 area long above 69 to 71 area
6/13 VNO Long above $48.64 target $49.50, $50 stop 46.20
6/13 VNO short below 48 target 46.50 area breaking 46 target 45 area